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Puppy Parties.

The surgery hosts 'Puppy Parties' once a month run by our veterinary nurses, Siani and Debbie.

These are very informal gatherings for 6 puppies and as many family members as you like!! It is primarily a chance to socialise your puppy with others of a similar age and to have supervised play in a safe environment.

There is also a chance to speak to the nurse and ask all those questions you meant to ask the vet....or felt too silly to ask!!

There will be a talk covering topics such as:

  • SOCIALISING YOUR PUPPY....vital at 5 - 12 weeks of age to prevent all those behavioural problems from cropping up later on in life.
  •, when and why we recommend it.
  • DIET ADVISE for your growing puppy.
  • TOYS - what is appropriate to play with.
  • BEHAVIOURAL ADVISE......fed up of the puppy keep nipping your toddler's fingers?
  • DENTAL CARE - Vital to start early on to prevent periodontitis later on.

The cost is £7.50 per puppy and includes a free 'party bag' to take home.
Puppies must have had their first vaccination to attend and be under 12 weeks of age.

Any problems please call reception and ask to speak to Siani, who runs the parties or Debbie (our head nurse).

Caring for pets

As many of us are pet owners ourselves, we understand the importance of pets truly being part of the family. We do our best to offer the best care for your pet, with a comprehensive preventative healthcare programme and a range of medical services and surgical facilities to help when everything doesn't go to plan.

We are now in our brand new premises at Ickwell Road, Upper Caldecote, Bedfordshire SG18 9BS. Please see our "Contacts" page for further details.

Payment Options

Payment can be made via cash, cheque or debit/credit card.

Account payments can also be made by debit/credit card over the telephone or by BACS.

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