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Emergency Out of Hours Provision

Outside of our normal practice hours, we are partnered with Vets Now in Barton-Le-Clay which is a dedicated pet emergency service providing expert care for your sick or injured pets whilst we are closed.  They are the pet equivalent of an accident and emergency service and their veterinary teams are specially trained in emergency and critical care and they are on-site and ready and waiting to see your pets overnight, at weekends and on bank holidays.

Our partner Vets Now clinic is based at: 
125 Bedford Rd, 
MK45 4LP                                                              
Tel - 01582 967089.

If your pet falls ill when we are closed, you can dial Vets Now directly or call the practice as normal and your call will be re-directed to Vets Now in Barton-Le-Clay.  They will be happy to discuss any concerns and help decide if your pet needs to be seen.  Please note, Vets Now will collect a deposit on admission and the balance will be required on discharge.


If your pet has been hospitalised at Elizabeth Smith Veterinary Practice during the day, and our vet feels your pet needs continuous monitoring or further treatment overnight, then you will be responsible for transferring them to the Vets Now Hospital at Barton-le-Clay. Your pet's history, records and any results will be sent over in advance and you will be provided with an estimate for their overnight care.  The next morning, your pet will either be discharged from Vets Now or if they require on-going hospitalisation, it will be necessary for you to bring them back to Elizabeth Smith Veterinary Practice.

House visits

In order to comply with the RCVS Emergency Service Clinic Standards, Vets Now must ensure that there is at least one vet and/or nurse at the clinic at all times during the hours of operation. For this reason, it is rarely possible to perform routine house visits. They will do their best to perform a house visit in an emergency situation however they will need to arrange for another off-duty member of staff to attend the clinic.

Emergency Out of Hours Provision
Call 01582 967089 in emergency
Call 01582 967089 in emergency