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General advice for pet owners:

We appreciate this is a worrying time for everyone. Please rest assured that we are still here for you 24/7 if you have a genuine emergency. However in these uncertain time I'm sure you would like to avoid having to visit us in an emergency.

Here are some do's and don'ts which might help you keep your pets safe and reduce the chance of having to call us.


DO walk your dogs on a lead. This will reduce the chance of injury and picking up infectious disease/scavenging etc. Vaccination is on hold during this phase of the crisis so dog to dog contact should be avoided.

DO pick up after they have been to the toilet. A lot of disease can be spread through faeces.

DO stick to your dog's usual diet and avoid giving new or extra treats while you are spending more time at home. Make sure you keep medication and human food well out of the way.

DON'T take unvaccinated/part vaccinated puppies out for a walk. You can use the garden for toilet training if it is an enclosed safe space. Take this time to do some basic obedience training.


DO keep un-neutered and un-vaccinated cats indoors.

Do keep your cat indoors overnight. They have a much higher chance of being involved in a Road traffic accident and fights at night.

Do keep to your cat's usual diet and avoid feeding new or extra treats.

Do consider getting some stress-relieving products such as Feliway to help your cat cope with the change of routine.


Do use animal safe insect repellent around hutches.

Do keep your rabbits diet and routine the same.

Do consider using products such as RearGuard to reduce the chance of fly strike.

Do keep checking our website and Facebook feed for when we are able to offer vaccinations again. Myxomatosis season is arriving with the sunny weather.

Here are some useful links:



Client advice regarding vaccinations:

The UK government policy is clear: "The single most important action we can all take, in fighting coronavirus, is to stay at home in order to protect the NHS and save lives"

Every unnecessary journey could have a ripple effect which will potentially have a catastrophic consequence on someone's life. In this unprecedented time of crisis we must all play our part and stay in as we have been asked to.

During this phase of the fight against coronavirus we are unable to do any routine or preventative work face to face. This includes vaccinations and neutering. We understand that this a worrying time for our owners.

Puppies and kittens who have not had any vaccinations or who have not finished their course should be kept indoors or only allowed out in the garden if this is a secure space. If your pet is due a booster it is likely that a delay of 3 months will have little impact on pet safety. We would encourage you to also exercise social distancing with your pets and walk them on leads and where possible restrict outdoor time for cats. Un-neutered cats should be kept indoors.      

We are able to dispense flea and worm treatment and send these out by post.

As soon as the restrictions are lifted we will put measures in place to get vaccinations up to date as quickly as possible. Rest assured we are monitoring the situation and will keep you updated.

We appreciate your understanding in these difficult times.

Stay safe. Stay in. Protect the NHS and save lives.  

Coronavirus update 24.03.2020

Dear Client,

We have had very clear guidance from the British Veterinary Association that during this unprecedented Public Health crisis the primary concern has to be public safety and the safety of our staff whilst maintaining the health and welfare of the animals under our care.

The government have called for strict social distancing and to only make trips that are absolutely necessary.

In light of this advice we are suspending all non urgent appointments and surgery with immediate effect. We are reducing our opening hours and staffing levels to provide urgent and emergency care only.

Effective Wednesday 25th March we will only be open from 10am - 3.30pm.

We will continue to dispense medication and issue written prescriptions but we would encourage you to have these emailed or posted out to you instead of coming to collect them. If you are collecting medication from the practice please call Reception when you arrive and pay for your medication over the phone or via bacs and your medication will be put out on a collection table for you (outside the practice if dry) so there will be no need for you to come into the practice.  Please note, we will no longer be accepting cash payments.

As you will appreciate these measures will increase our volume of phone calls so we ask that you please put in your food and repeat prescription requests via the website or email them to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Please only ring with urgent queries or if you pet needs to be seen as an emergency.

Non urgent queries can be emailed to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

In addition, we have made considerable changes to how you will be seen at the practice:

Please ring Reception when you arrive and wait in your car. We will come out and take your pet into the practice for their physical examination. We will go through history and ask you questions over the phone or from a safe distance in the car park. Please only enter the building if it is absolutely necessary. If you do enter the building please wash your hands straight away. Payments can be made by phone or by bank transfer. We will bring medication out to you.

We are able to offer Teleconsultations in some cases. A vet will speak to you on the phone and in some cases ask for photos to be sent in or set up a video link.

If you are self isolating you MUST NOT come to the practice.  

Many thanks for your continued support and understanding. We will continue to provide updates as the situation changes. Please follow our Facebook feed and check out website regularly for updates.


 A very warm welcome is extended to everybody from Elizabeth Smith Veterinary Practice. We are an independently owned small animal practice located on Ickwell Road, Upper Caldecote (the road between the villages of Ickwell and Upper Caldecote:SG18 9BS), near Biggleswade.


 Our vision is to provide the best, first opinion small animal veterinary care for your pets. We strive to give excellent customer care by providing a sympathetic, flexible and efficient service as we offer the personal touch and do our best to encourage case continuity. As most of us are pet owners ourselves we understand the hugely important role our pets have as a member of our families.

We are always happy to show any new or existing clients round so you can see where your pet would be hospitalised and provide access to the clincial areas. Please ask at reception to book a tour with one of our clincial team.  

We have plenty of on-site, free, parking including disabled spaces and easy access to our waiting and consulting rooms as well as a beautiful paddock just outside the front door where you can exercise your pet before and after being seen. If your pet is particularly anxious about coming into the practice, we are happy to see them outside if it is appropriate - please just mention it at the time of booking or checking-in when you arrive.

We are very proud to be one of the only practices in the local area to offer our own out of hours service. If you need emergency treatment outside of our normal hours then one of the practice's veterinary surgeons and veterinary nurses will be available to help your pet so you will be assured you will see one of our regular staff at our own building on Ickwell Road. Please call our landline number on 01767 627317 and follow the instructions. 

If you wish to register with us then please click or tap HERE. and we look forward to meeting you and your pets.

If you require veterinary attention on these days then please call the main reception number 01767 627317 and follow the instructions. If there are any problems using this service then please call : 07971 387655.

All about Saturday...

The practice is open 9am - 1pm to collect drugs and for urgent appointment. For emergencies out of hours click here

Caring for pets

As many of us are pet owners ourselves, we understand the importance of pets truly being part of the family. We do our best to offer the best care for your pet, with a comprehensive preventative healthcare programme and a range of medical services and surgical facilities to help when everything doesn't go to plan.

We are now in our brand new premises at Ickwell Road, Upper Caldecote, Bedfordshire SG18 9BS. Please see our "Contacts" page for further details.

Payment Options

Payment can be made via cash, cheque or debit/credit card.

Account payments can also be made by debit/credit card over the telephone or by BACS.

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