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Specialist Referrals

There may come a time during your pet’s treatment that we feel it would be beneficial for them to receive more specialist care. This process is called a referral and your veterinary surgeon will discuss why they consider this necessary and where it is best to send your pet.

We are fortunate to be close to a number of excellent referral centres, which are staffed with veterinary surgeons who are specialists in their field, for example orthopaedics (bones), oncology (cancer treatment) or cardiology (hearts). It is comparable to visiting a specialist consultant at a hospital. Their knowledge and skills are more specific and in-depth and they have more advanced equipment available to them.

If your pet does require a referral, then we will help set up the appointment and send all your pet’s history and images across to the hospital ahead of their appointment.  The referral hospital will subsequently send us a report of their findings and any treatment plans going forwards.

In-house Referrals

We are very lucky to be able to offer expert Diagnostic Imaging, Ophthalmology and Physiotherapy referrals on-site at the practice.  Overall, this allows you access to world-class specialist care in the comfort of our practice and working alongside your pet's own veterinary surgeon.  

Diagnostic Imaging - Virtual Veterinary Specialists (VVS)

We are fortunate to be able to offer diagnostic imaging in-house, by working with the highest possible level of Veterinary specialists at Virtual Veterinary Specialists (VVS).  Using a VVS workstation connected to our ultrasound machine, we perform live-guided abdominal ultrasound scans under the guidance of a remote specialist from VVS, who provides advice regarding the diagnosis and the best treatment plan for your pet.

Ophthalmology - David Williams (MA MEd VetMD PhD DECAWBM(AW) CertVOphthal CertWEL FHEA FRCVS)

If your pet requires an opthalmology referral, we can arrange for them to be seen here at the practice by expert Veterinary Ophthalmologist David Williams who is also the Associate Lecturer in Veterinary Ophthalmology at Queen's Veterinary School Hospital, Cambridge.

Physiotherapy - Nadia Kopec (MSc, ACPAT Cat A, RAMP, BSc Hons, MCSP, HCPC and ACPAT)

If your veterinary surgeon advises that your pet would benefit from seeing a physiotherapist, then we can arrange for them to see Chartered Veterinary Physiotherist Nadia Kopec here at the practice.  Nadia has many years of experience in assessing and treating musculoskeletal problems in both human and veterinary medicine.  Nadia can help rehabilitate your pet after a trauma or surgery, as well as helping your pets maintain a good quality of life as they get older. Benefits of physiotherapy include encouraging healing, reducing pain, swelling and muscle spasms, improving range of movement and enhancing/maintaining function. Nadia will also provide advice on adapting your animal’s environment or routine as necessary.

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Ophthalmologist David Williams on duty!
NADIA KOPEC comforts worried collie