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Travelling With Your Pet Abroad

Travelling with your pet (dog, cat or ferret) abroad 

In January 2021, Great Britain became a 'Third Country' with respect to the EU Pet Travel Scheme, with 'Part 2 Listed' status for the purposes of non-commercial pet travel.

This means the old GB EU Pet Passports are no longer valid for travel to Europe.

What documents do I need to travel abroad with my pet?

  • To travel or move to the EU with your pet, you will require an Animal Health Certificate (AHC).  

  • An AHC can only be issued by a specially qualified Official Veterinarian (OV).

  • We have two OVs at the practice - Libby Smith MRVCS and Farah Stones MRCVS.

  • AHCs cannot be used for animals entering the EU for reasons of financial gain, as this is classed as commercial travel e.g. a breeder selling a puppy, .  Please contact our OVs at the practice on 01767 627317 if this is the case.

  • AHCs are not applicable for countries outside the EU, so please contact our OVs for advice on 01767 627317.

Animal Health Certificates

  • To obtain an AHC your pet must be microchipped and have a valid Rabies vaccination, so there may be a 21 day wait before travel. 

  • AHCs are only valid for 10 days from the date of issue so it must be issued by an OV within 10 days of your departure date.

  • Up to 5 pets can be included on a single AHC.

  • AHCs are valid for onward travel in the EU, or back to the UK, for 4 months from the date of issue, provided the Rabies vaccination does not lapse in that time

  • AHCs are only valid for a single trip of entry into the EU. Each time you enter the EU from the UK with your pet you will need a new AHC

Further information on travelling with your pet abroad can be found at

Requests for an AHC can be submitted to the practice by completing the questionnaire below:

Following receipt of your questionnaire, Libby or Farah will then be in touch to arrange an appointment with you & your pet to complete the AHC. 

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