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 I am so excited to announce the launch of our brand new Paws Pet Health Club on the 1st October 2019.

We have given this a huge amount of thought and carefully designed a plan that not only offers great savings on vaccinations, worming and flea/tick prevention but also includes many features that will help you to help your pets throughout their lives

We strongly believe that this is a great way to ensure your pet receives the best preventative healthcare and treatments available.

We will send you reminders when their treatments or visits into the practice are due so you can be sure they won’t miss out on anything!

The convenient monthly direct debits mean that you can budget and spread the cost throughout the year.




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25 Reasons to join the Paws Pet Health Club today:

Your Paws Pet Health Club membership provides the most comprehensive and cost-effective way to give your pet everything they need to stay healthy:

      1. A full health examination with your veterinary surgeon each year at the time of their booster vaccinations. *Includes protection again distemper, hepatitis, parvovirus, parainfluenza, leptospirosis and kennel cough for dogs; enteritis, flu and leukaemia for cats; myxomatosis, RHDV-1 and RHDV-2 for rabbits.
      2. Full health check with a veterinary surgeon, 6 months after your pet’s annual vaccinations.
      3. Unlimited free nurse consultations – Access to see our veterinary nurses as often as you want to put your mind at rest.
      4. Flea and tick treatment – the most effective, easy to administer, prescription products to keep your pet flea and tick free throughout the year.
      5. Complete roundworm and tapeworm prevention - we’ll recommend the treatment most suitable for your pet and best at protecting your family too.
      6. Two treatments of Rearguard - to prevent blowfly strike in rabbits through the spring and summer.
      7. Annual in-house blood test to check for lungworm infection, an uncommon but potentially fatal parasite.
      8. Anal gland expression – your dog can see one of our veterinary nurses as many times as they need
      9. Free nail clips with a veterinary nurse, as often as necessary .
      10. Microchipping and immediate, online registration, to give the best chance of being reunited with your pet if they are lost
      11. Free of charge check up within 7 days if your pet needs to be seen as an emergency at VetsNow.
      12. 20% off their primary puppy or kitten vaccination courses to give them the very best start in life.
      13. 10% off all dental products and care - including descale & polish and full dental radiography with extractions when necessary and follow up care and advise to keep their teeth in tip top condition!
      14. 10% off all prescription diets purchased at the surgery. Of course, you still also benefit from any on-going pet food company loyalty schemes
      15. 10% off all routine neutering to prevent accidental mating and a wealth of other health benefits.
      16. 10% off pre-anaesthetic blood testing – an invaluable assessment of your pet’s liver and kidney function before an anaesthetic.
      17. 10% off Senior clinics - These clinics are designed to pick up early signs of old-age conditions. This means we can start treatment or management much sooner, leading to happier and longer lives for our pets.
      18. 10% off Vetschoice products – an affordable range of healthcare products available over the counter.
      19. 10% off Petface - our range of fun pet toys, gifts and treats.

Plus free advice and guidance on:

      1. Dental health
      2. Diet and weight management

And you will also benefit from:

      1. No joining fee
      2. No annual renewal fee
      3. Your membership price is fixed for 12 months
      4. Convenient payment by monthly direct debit

How much does membership cost?

Pricing is simple with no complicated weight bands to check as your pet grows:

Dogs £18 per month

Cats £14 per month

Rabbits £10 per month

How do I join?

Joining is easy – just ask at reception or click here: Paws Pet Health Club to join online.

You’ll just need your bank account details, so we can set up your direct debit.

The difference between Paws Pet Health Club membership and pet insurance, and why you need both

Our Paws Pet Health Club focuses on preventative healthcare and has been carefully designed to help your pet have a healthy, happy life.  Pet insurance, on the other hand, provides financial cover for unforeseen illness and accidents – although it is important to note that the level of cover provided by different insurers / policies can vary enormously. Preventative healthcare includes vaccinations, parasite prevention, regular health checks and other services intended to prevent illness or to detect potential issues before your pet suffers any discomfort.

Pet insurance covers unexpected events, similar to a car insurance policy.

Unlike car insurance, however, 90% of pet insurance claims are for illness as opposed to accident†. Data also shows you are more likely to claim on your pet insurance than your car or household insurance††.

As a Paws Pet Health Club member, your pet will be regularly examined by one of our vets or veterinary nurses. This maximises the opportunities for early diagnosis and treatment of conditions which might affect your pet’s health and gives the best chance of a positive outcome.  This is why we strongly recommend that responsible pet owners combine Paws Pet Health Club

Caring for pets

As many of us are pet owners ourselves, we understand the importance of pets truly being part of the family. We do our best to offer the best care for your pet, with a comprehensive preventative healthcare programme and a range of medical services and surgical facilities to help when everything doesn't go to plan.

We are now in our brand new premises at Ickwell Road, Upper Caldecote, Bedfordshire SG18 9BS. Please see our "Contacts" page for further details.

Payment Options

Payment can be made via cash, cheque or debit/credit card.

Account payments can also be made by debit/credit card over the telephone or by BACS.

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